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Capoeira Brasil

NYC Batizado 2015


May 21- May 24, 2015


Our Guests

Mestre Boneco


Mestre Boneco is one of the three founding masters of Grupo Capoeira Brasil. Mestre Boneco began training Capoeira at the age of eleven with Grupo Senzala in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1989, after 19 years of dedicated training, he was recognized for his outstanding achievement in the Capoeira community and awarded his black belt by a council of Brazil’s most distinguished masters. Today he supervises over 70 graduated instructors with programs in South and North America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.






Mestre Toni Vargas


Mestre Toni Vargas is one of the greatest poets in capoeira. He started capoeira in 1968 with Master Rony of Grupo Palmares de Capoeira. He was once was a student of Mestre Touro, of Grupo Corda Bamba, in which he had the honor to graduate to blue cord . In 1977 he joined Grupo Senzala to be a student of Mestre Peixinho, one of the most influential capoeira masters in our time. In 1985, Mestre Peixinho graduated him to "Corda Vermelha" or Mestre. He has a degree in both Physical Education and Dance. Over the years he participated in several music projects and has recorded songs on various CD'S as well as his own. Today, continues to develop his work with kids and is the coordinator at an instititution for early childhood.

Formanda Colibri


Professora Pavao



Contra Mestre Neguinho



Professor Chegado


Professor Tuzinho



Professora Risaldinha



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