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Professora Joy has over a decade of experience teaching capoeira. 

Here you can find what her students have to say.


"Joy's natural talent for teaching capoeira really shows when she teaches. Her passion, enthusiasm and creativity for the art form really shine through, and this truly inspires and motivates both the kids and adults she teaches. I personally feel like I've gotten tremendous value out of her classes. She is extremely effective and sensitive to catering to each individual's needs, and this makes her a great teacher for both kids and adults."

Molly "Esquilo" Lee, Certified Holistic Health Counselor 


"Through Capoeira I have reached a level of fitness that I didn't think would ever be able to attain before. Just months after starting Capoeira, I noticed significant improvements in my health and physical appearance at the same having the time of my life.Capoeira has opened a new world of expression, friendship, and discipline. Practicing Capoeira, I can confidently say is one of the best decisions I made in my life"
Edwin "Cinto" Mak, CEO of Bluecast


"Capoeira has given me an immeasurable amount of help since I first began. Through the community and the action of training itself, I was able to motivate myself like I've never been able to before. I burnt the unwanted body fat, pushed the limits of what I thought I could do to sculpt the body I wanted, and I did all of it with the help and support of people I now consider family. I can't recall a time in which I've felt as light, as strong, or as in control of my body as I do when I'm training and learning Capoeira."
Dylan "Polar" Combs, Student



Capoeira is more than just exercise, for me it was about linking the body, mind and soul. It challenges me everyday in all aspects of my life. And because I had an increased sense of awareness of my body, my diet improved which in conjunction with playing capoeira, helped to sculpt and tone my body in ways I never thought possible. And after 6 years, I am now helping others become better capoeiristas while still learning myself. But most important, capoeira also gave me a community of people that I could learn and grow with for years to come..and not just in my own class but with people who practice and love capoeira around the world. "
Stephanie "Foguinha" Lau, Marketing Professional



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